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Brooklyn Bark Rebrand

Serving Brooklyn's Best for 13 Years. When you are as old as we are in dog years, you make it around the block a few times! That is why we pride ourselves on having the safest standards in pet care.


Pets are family and deserve the best - a comprehensive platform customized to your needs and theirs from a team that rightly earned “Best Pet Care Providers” by New York Magazine.


Branding, Art Direction, UX/UI, Logo
Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics,
Social Media, OOH Advertising

A new playful identity.

Brooklyn Bark’s philosophy: Happy People = Happy Pets 
and Happy Pets = Happy People. A revamped identity
that embraces the vibrancy and spirit of Brooklyn.

Taking what Brooklyn Bark already has to offer, a
modern twist was added to refresh the brand. The
custom logo captures the playfulness of pets and
the energy of Brooklyn, itself.  The Brooklyn Bark burnt 
orange color was punched up a bit with the addition of a
complementary baby blue color.  

A new art direction consisting of fun graphic elements, hand drawn illustrations, and natural photography was created to help Brooklyn Bark
execute their mission and energy.