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TSAA  is your remedy to better health. Better health leads to better days and better days lead to a better life. Our all natural, inspired Southeast Asian teas, from Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippines are grown in our farmlands all over Southeast Asia. We only provide top quality flavors along with tons of health benefits so you don’t feel the guilty feeling of consuming something tasty. You are our top priority, so let us work our magic!


Art Direction, Packaging, Branding,
Illustration, Motion Graphics, Social Media,
​Web & Mobile Design, OOH 

Not your regular cup. This is TSAA.

A mission that focuses on you, so that you are the best version of yourself everyday. That's why we strive to provide only the finest teas with tons of health benefits so you can enjoy our products without worrying about the ingredients harming your body.

Rooted in culture.

"TSAA" translates to tea in Tagalog. An identity inspired by Southeast Asian culture, from food, architecture, textiles, and of course, nature itself. A hand drawn, fun logo is paired with a logomark inspired by rice terraces in the Philippines.